The Committee of Fishery Extension (CFE), NTU (NTUCFE) was established in 1986 by the approval of the Ministry of Education, Executive Yuan.  In the meantime, CFE in the National Taiwan Ocean University, National Sun Yat-sen University and National Kaohsiung Marine University were established respectively.  The purpose of the establishment of CFE aims to coordinate fishery and aquaculture, education, research and extention on fishery or aquaculture technology, to assist fishery organization in obtaining new technique and management on the field of fishery.

Four Extension Professors, one Secretary and one Administrative staff were involved in the Committee.  All the staffs were elected from the professors in the College of Life Science on the field of fishery and aquaculture except administrative staff.  The extensive professors should make effort in supporting assignment on fishery extension.

The following works and duties are offered by the Committee:

  1. To assist fishery organization to improve the coordination of fishery extension.
  2. To assist in processing the courses related to the special fishery talents.
  3. To provide some technical services on fishery science.
  4. To coordinate fishery administration and fishery extension organization to conduct the production techniques and education affairs of fishermen.
  5. To consult the technical problems in providing technical services and management information.
  6. To participate and to consult the conferences on fishery and related associations provided opinions.
  7. To assist in electing the outstanding fishermen and the fishery extensive stuff.
  8. To supply a guidance in improving the techniques in the related members for fishermen’s association.
  9. To coordinate fishery administration and to hold the workshop on fishing and aquaculture techniques.
  10. To publish the fishery extension newsletter.

The extensive professors could be invited by relativity organization and to give circuit lectures or short-term training courses in Taiwan in irregularly scheduled.  The professor should visit fishery area and to give suggestion in resolving the problems related to fishermen.

To date the CFE has created various new concepts for the improvement of aquaculture technology.  For the success of fishery industries, we will do our best to reach the described goals.



Established in: 1986